Children in Brazil

I spent a couple of weeks in 2003 with a national pastor and his family in Brazil.  Since he was studying English, and I was very interested in the people, culture, language, etc., of the country that I believed I was to eventually live in, it was helpful to both of us.  During those two weeks, and in the following month or so, the Lord confirmed to me that a future in Brazil was in fact His direction for me.

[Just Info] Ever since I was first inclined toward missions in Brazil, I never felt that I was intended to go the traditional route, with a missions board, deputation, etc.  Not that I believe they are inherently wrong, but I’ve always sensed that the Lord wanted something different for me.  Not special, just different.

I thought I’d share a few photos from my time there.  Even though it’s been quite a while, and none of the photos are particularly impressive, I get a thrill every single time I look through them.

One of the larger churches we visited.Church in Brazil

We spent a Sunday afternoon with the pastor of the above church.  The ladies in this picture are his wife and daughter.  If you look back at the previous photo, you can see the top floor of the church building, which is where this pastor and his family lived.Family in Brazil

We visited quite a few “favellas” (slums), and in one location, a mother begged me to take her young teenage daughter back with me to the United States.  She knew that there was no hope of her ever living a life free from the fear and poverty that surrounded them.  When I snapped this shot in some favellas, one of the inhabitants warned (with hand motions) that I might get shot for it.Favellas (Slums) in Brazil

This was from the edge of the city.  Can you begin to comprehend the number of souls represented here, whose trust in good works and dedicated adherance to the Catholic faith will soon earn them Hell for eternity?Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This girl was extremely shy, but she desperately wanted to tell me something.  She tried- quietly- over and over again, but I couldn’t understand Portuguese, and will never know what it was that she was so concerned about.Young Girl in Brazil