Steven Corbett


"I've just had the pleasure of working with Steven on the new theme for my site. He converted a static design of the front page in XHTML/CSS to PHPMotion and Wordpress skins.

"I have to say that Steven is without a doubt the best freelancer I have EVER dealt with. Prices are reasonable, work is completed to a high standard and communication is top notch. Issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently and I really can't find any negatives, and in all honesty I am EXTREMELY picky.

"If you are considering getting any mods or themes made for your site, I highly recommend you seek out Steven!"
- Ryan Jones, PureMotorsport

" has used Motion Mods services on repeat occasions because the level of communication and service was excellent. Working with Steven was painless and required little input on my part. Jobs were completed within hours and always fairly priced. I continue to use Motion Mods whenever we require additional tweaking to our clients' implementations."
- Simon Harrison, Midas3

"I contacted Steven after seeing testimonials and work on the Motion Mods website. We had a very urgent job that required an extra pair of capable hands and we certainly struck gold when Steven replied.

"The job was turned around in less time than needed. And as the original deadline was a mere 4 working days that's pretty incredible.

"Steven squeezed our work into his busy schedule and was great to work with. His communication was a total dream. He contacted us often and with very worthwhile reasons, has a great, friendly attitude, always gladly accepting requests and on top of that coming back to us with ideas and comments of his own.

"The work is of a very high standard, met all the requirements and the job was done. And even with the timescale pressures the budget was very reasonable. We'll be putting much more work his way."
- Stuart Kennaugh, Director, Vanbar Ltd.

"Steven is an excellent Web Developer. He has done extensive work on our site and frankly we would not be live today without his help. Steven has taken Web development to the next level, his services are not just that of a technical coder, he brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the table, and has definitely kept us from making many missteps in our designs. I would recommend Steven to anyone looking for a thoughtful, intelligent, and dedicated developer. I just wish I could hire him full time!"
- Tom Hodges

"Out of all the website and application support people I've come across through out my years in the IT field, Steve is by far the most helpful and dedicated person I've met. He sticks with you until your problem is solved, and as knowledgeable and clever as he is it never takes long anyways. It's not often you meet someone that is so good at what they do that they make others become better and then help out too. That's just how good Steven is."
- A. Deon

"Steven has helped me out in so many ways on different projects, he is always there to help no questions asked. Steven and his staff always answer the questions I need answered. Thank you so much for all your help."
- Rich

"The simple fact is my PHPMotion site wouldn't be the success it is today without all the great mods from MotionMods. My members love them and they make my life so much easier. I don't trust myself when it comes to adding or deleting code, so I always get Steven to install the mods for me. He always goes the extra mile and is always there for help and support when needed. I cannot recommend Steven and MotionMods enough. If you want the best mods for your PHPMotion site, then use MotionMods. I wouldn't trust my site to anyone else."
- Peter Skuse

"I wouldn't even hesitate for a second to refer out Steven of Motion Mods for his creative, efficient and cost effective work!!! The best thing about the service he provides is he is thorough and dedicated to bring to his clients their personalized vision with a professional appeal and he follows through until the impact of that vision hits home. Impressive professionalism!

"I must also mention that the support forum is amazing! I have never had a issue that someone there couldn't help me fix.

"I will definitely be a customer for life and I already refer everyone I know to the site."
- Ryan T.

"Motionmods has been a true source of inspiration and support. Steven has provided unparalleled advice and support for improving my PHPMotion based website. Without his help and guidance my website would not be what it is today. I would thoroughly recommend Motionmods as an essential resource if considering building a PHPMotion website."
- Peter Bell

"Steven is the kind of MVP you don't run across often. His extreme commitment to the customer means he innovates amazing solutions to resolve complex problems in record time on a regular basis. He focuses on quality and for that reason he is relied upon by others to get the job done right.

"Steven can master a new technology or concept overnight. That's because he's brilliant. He thinks outside the box, and knows how to use that talent to make his customers successful."
- James Gallagher

"Steven has helped me with my phpmotion with error and a lot of other things on that, when I was running it and I even moved away from phpmotion script, he still helps me with my new website and I am very happy about this.

"Best support for a script I have ever gotten in making websites."
- HDmotions

"I started using Phpmotion 3 years back and in the same month I found

"Having used most of their mods now I can say the quality of work it's just really professional and well done. But what sticks to me more is the support available for their mods and for anything related to Phpmotion. Steven from motionmods has not only helped me in technical ways but just by looking at his humble ways to help and positive attitude I changed a bit of myself to behave like that in my real life. He goes an extra mile to get your FTP details and spend time to solve the problems (most of the time free of cost). In today's world that's really rare. I am yet to find a post in motionmods forum posted by him which carries any kind of negative sense at all...he is a gem of a person and knows his technical stuff really well.

"Even if I am not using Phpmotion I would prefer to use his services- a really sound web developer. Thanks Steven and Motionmods for all the help you have provided over the years. I look forward to using your services in years to come."
- Praneet, SanimaHall

"Without Steven it wouldn't be possible to have successful sites such as mine and many others. Besides great support, a lot of patience, brilliant ideas, an awesome forum, a fantastic community for developers and site owners. The service of motionmods is beyond a typical support service, we gain much more than that, this is when Steve absolutely, makes the DIFFERENCE. Definitely, we wouldn't have success on this video sharing competitive market, without Steve's brilliant job."
- Bernard, DiosTube

"The features that Motion Mods provides are so useful and indispensable that I cannot imagine managing our sites without them. In fact, they are essential to efficient site management. If you do not already have all of them installed, you should."
- Phil Duncan, SooBahkDoInstitute

"This site is a new life for web sites who are using the PHPmotion script because we have to wait for our questions' answers from other PHPmotion sites' support teams, and here I think the MotionMods support team waits for our questions- they are professional and dedicated. Thanks for making unique mods and providing us with great service."
- Sohail, Pakmotion

"Steven was incredibly fast in implementing new mods and turning our ideas into a fully functional website. Quite often, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has been key to the success of Vede. He is truly an expert at what he does - I can't recommend him enough!"
- Daniel Gardner

"My work collaboration with Steven Corbett on my two websites design was flawless. He is very knowledgeable in his field of work, prompt in answering my requests and a very pleasant guy to work with, in general. Steven is a true professional."
- Sandu C. Simion, ReefJournal

"When it came to implementing my PHPmotion ideas, made it happen. I truly could not be happier with the way MotionMods worked with me on this project. From communication of my ideas, to the final release they made sure it was exactly how I imagined it. The service was done in a timely manner and very professional with a personal touch. The best part was the small details that I did not think of that MotionMods did to make the site the best it could be. I highly recommend MotionMods so much so that if you have any questions you can contact me personally at jaswkelley(at)"
- James Kelley, OnlineBVI

"I basically got Steven to do a few mods on my site that ended up being a total makeover...Steven was excellent to work with and easy going, I would recommend him to anyone."
- Johnny Nogas, RaceRite

"I am grateful to have Steven as the web designer of CookingTipsTV. His outstanding programming skills, patience, thorough internet knowledge and the courtesy he readily offers to clients make him a delight to work with."
- Linda Naughton, CookingTipsTV

"Steven has a result orientated approach; my questions were always answered quickly and effectively and helped to make sure for us to built a fantastic website which was better than I had envisioned. Throughout the design process, Steve was incredibly constructive and also very understandable on the ideas that I had and was able to work along with it.

"He made it easy for me to ask questions and always provided simple and elegant solutions as well, he is very knowledgeable on building websites, no matter how complicated the site is. Highly professional to work with and I would thoroughly recommend working with Steve again on any website development."
- Dennis Rubio, ViewReels